BULK SMS IN HYDERABAD is one of the best sms providers in Hyderabad. Bulk SMS is one of the widest range of service provider to reach to the millions of clients in a short period of time.

BULK SMS IN HYDERABAD stragety is to provide the service only to the eligible clients Such as small scale companies, marketing executives. Educational institutions, etc. who can expertise their ideas and marketing techniques and promote their products or services in the market.

We give you the service at affordable price compared to other sms providers.

Initially, BULK SMS IN HYDERABAD has used this service only to send the updates of events and news . But Soon, We realized this has got the wide application in the market from small scale to corporate. Since, then we started providing BULK SMS Services to the enormous number of clients in the various sectors of the marketing industry as well as educational institutions.

Hence, Our motto is to give the reliable, secure and better services to our clients. Since our launch we have got better results of 99.9%. For secure and reliable service once give us a try and get the best SMS Service.

Hope for a better business through best approach.

We provide business for opt-in customers only.

Sms Type Promotinal SMS Transactinal SMS
Price. 10,000/- (for 1 Lakh SMS) 15,000/-(for 1 Lakh SMS)

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